Costume Designer Reseacher

After finished the set design, I started to design the costume in this week. Before I design the costume, I had research with some designer to inspire my idea.

Firstly, GRAY McCANN is a set and costume designer who from Northem Ireland. He now is mainly work for opera and theatre in Greenwich, London. Besides, he graduating with first class honours in theatre design at Nottingham Trent University. His costume design are really eye catching for me because the sketches of his design are amazing that he use different material to do in the costume. Such as he design the costume for the opera “Die Fledermaus” is my favorite one because it is not just good looking, it also match the concept of the opera which is the ball’s guests become grotesque casualties from an avant garde catwalk show.Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 11.22.25 PM.png

Secondly, Xu Ming is a plastic arts designer in China. She had boarded the famous French magazine “Paris Match” which is the 3rd Chinese women renowned French fashion industry. Although she is not a theatre costume designer, I research her because her artworks are really match with my theme which is the Chinese festival of “Cheung Chau Da Jiu Festival”. Her design idea mainly focus in the Chinese style of dragon, so it can inspire me to design my costume. CHINA/



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