10/03/17_FMP_Secondary research

I started to do research about my theme after I set up the timetable. In the research, I had watched the Hong Kong drama call “Tiger Mom Blues” (親親我好媽), which is talking about a high school student control everything by her mother.

In this drama, it is talking about a girl who is already secondary 6 student and she need to face The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). This test is very important for every student of their life because the result of this test is depend can the student can go to university or not. So the mother in the drama is very worry about her daughter and need her go to study in library everyday and can not meet any boy to have a relationship. Besides, because the mother think study in science are more promising in her daughter future, so she control her to chose the subject of science that the girl do not interest in it.

After I watched this drama, it is suit for my theme, which is “Freedom” and it let me inspire a lots. I think parents need to give more space to let their children gown up. If parents let children do what they want to do, it will let them be positive and happy in their life.

“I need freedom, I want to be free!”


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