30/03/17_FMP_Artist Respond_Ai Weiwei

I like Ai Weiwei’s artworks a lot because I think his artworks are so cool and interesting. Besides in his artworks can bring out his own personality. But in my respond, I have choice one of his artworks collection which is made by Lego.

I like those artworks so much because it is so amazing and I think the shadow in the image which do in Lego are quite hard to do.

At the beginning to start my respond, I feel a bit confused because I do not have a material of Lego to do it, so I decided to use different color paper to cut off a small square to express the feeling of Lego.

Firstly, I draw my illustration in a drawing paper, but I find out it is not suitable and clear to state the small square on it because I do not know where the place I need to state in. So I decided to print out a check paper to do the respond.


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