05/05/17_FMP_Lino experiment

In my design, I would like to focus to use the material of water colour, ink and lino in my illustration book.

Before I start to create my final outcome, I try to do the experiment of my idea, which is lino. The reason that I would like to use lino to paint the character to obvious in my design and use water colour with black in the background. However, in the experiment, I found out I used too much colour in the lino and let the image not be clear.

The process of my experiment, I used pencil to draw out the sketch at the beginning and after confirm the image or illustration that I expect, I used the 2B pencil to draw again the line because the harder line can be more easy to mark the image on the lino board. Then I used the tool to cut off the image on the lino board. Finally I used the acrylic to paint the lino image on the paper. After I finished the artworks, I think I need to improve it to let the image be more clearly.


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